For tenders, dinghies and day sailors up to 750 kg


Combining its integrated lithium battery and its outstanding efficiency, the Travel is the alternative to a small petrol outboard. The Travel does everything that a 3 HP outboard motor can, but it is lighter, cleaner, quieter and more convenient.

The Travel easily propels tenders, dinghies and day sailors up to 1.5 tonnes and – when it’s needed – over long distances, too.

It’s something of an expert when it comes to communication as well. It can also disclose its most important information to you, connects with your smartphone and can be charged from a standard power outlet, form a 12 V connection or from a solar charger.

The Travel can also charge other electrical devices for you. The batteries are equipped with a USB adapter to share the Travel’s abundant battery capacity with your mobile phone, laptops and other equipment.

  • Can do everything that a 1.5 HP petrol outboard can, plus it’s environmentally friendlier, quieter, lighter and more convenient
  • On-board computer with GPS-based calculation of remaining range
  • Solar rechargeable – including during the voyage
  • Can be easily dismantled for transport and space-saving storage
  • A clean affair: no matter how or where you store your Travel, there’s no risk of leakage or petrol smells
  • Stepless forward/reverse drive
  • Manual tilting device with grounding protection
  • 4-step manual trim device
  • Completely waterproof (IP 67)
  • Tiller control • Integrated battery with 320 Wh Li-Ion
  • Total weight 12.9 kg (short shaft)) / 13.5 kg (long shaft)
  • Shaft length: 62.5 cm (short shaft) / 75 cm (long shaft)

Equipment included: Travel 503 with battery and charger

Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use

+ On-board computer with GPS-based range calculation + Magnetic emergency kill switch
+ USB adapter: use your Travel battery to power your smartphone, lamp etc.
+ Charging socket: for recharging from a standard power outlet, a solar charger or from a 12 V connection
+ Lithium high-performance battery: high energy density, excellent high-current capacity, safe
+ Available in long and short shaft versions
+ Maximum-efficiency propulsion



Travel 503 with Integrated Battery (29.6 V / 11 Ah)
Speed in knots (km/h) Range in sm (km) Running time in hours
Slow 2.0 (3.7) 12.8 (23.7) 06:20
Half throttle 3.0 (5.5) 6.4 (11.9) 02:08
Full throttle 4.0 (7.4) 2.8 (5.2) 00:42

When travelling through water, displacement increases power required in proportion to the cube (third power) of the speed. This means that doubling water speed increases the power required eightfold.

Conversely, it of course also means that only a slight reduction in speed will increase the range attainable significantly. Simply reducing speed by e.g. half a knot has a considerable effect on the remaining range.

Since mental arithmetic to the power of three is quite tricky, the on-board computer of the Travel constantly calculates the remaining range for you. To do this, it combines the consumption data from the motor with the charge level of the batteries together with the speed over water obtained via GPS. This means you can read the remaining range in real time from the Travel’s display. Using the TorqTrac App you can even read the remaining range from a map on your smartphone.

Note: Speed and Range are indicative only. Actual results may vary depending on hull design/configuration and on-water conditions.


Travel 503 S Travel 503 L
Input power in watts 500 500
Propulsive power in watts 220 220
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 1.5 HP 1.5 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust) 2 HP 2 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 44 44
Static thrust in lbs* 40 40
Integrated battery 320 Wh td-Ion 320 Wh td-Ion
Nominal voltage 29.6 29.6
Final charging voltage 33.6 33.6
Total weight in kg 12.9 13.5
Motor weight without battery in kg 8.9 9.5
Weight of integrated battery 4.0 4.0
Shaft length in cm 62.5 75.5
Standard propeller
v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts
v9/p790 v9/p790
Alternative propeller options v8/p350 v8/p350
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 700 700
Control Tiller Tiller
Steering 360° lockable 360° lockable
Tilting device Manual with grounding protection Manual with grounding protection
Tilt angle 70° 70°
Trim device Manual, 4-step Manual, 4-step
Integrated on-board computer Yes Yes
Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes Yes

* Torqeedo static thrust measurement is based on internationally accepted ISO standards. Static thrust figures for conventional trolling motors are typically measured differently, which results in higher values. To compare Torqeedo static thrust data with conventional trolling motors, add approximately 50% to the Torqeedo static thrust values.

Travel 503 FAQ

Which Travel for which boat
Both models are suitable for inflatables and other small boats. For sailboats up to 750 kg, we recommend the Travel 503. The Travel 1003 easily propels up to 1.5 tonnes. Both models provide similar performance on the same boat at the same speed. However, the Travel 1003 has a higher maximum power and offers over 60% more battery capacity, providing longer range.
When the battery is empty – how does it take until I can be on the move again?
That depends on the solution you have opted for. You could of course take a spare battery with you, which will ensure you can be on the move again immediately. Alternatively, you could connect a solar charger (accessory) and charge it while you’re on the move. You could also charge from the 12 V on-board power system direct. Or you could connect the battery to an electric socket using the charger provided – it will take approx. 5 hours to fully charge a Travel 503 or approx. 7 hours to charge a Travel 1003.
How does solar charging work?
Unfold or unroll the solar charger, apply its waterproof connector to the Travel and get started. You can use it while being out on the water and while operating the motor or you can use it on land. Two different solar chargers are available for the Travel, depending on the model year.
What is the life expectancy of lithium batteries?
The life expectancy of lithium batteries in recreational use is independent of charging cycles. There is no memory effect either, so you can fully charge them after each trip irrespective of the charge status shown in the display. Generally speaking, a capacity loss of approx. 4 % per year is to be expected. Capacity loss will, however, accelerate if the battery is permanently exposed to heat. Also storing the battery always fully charged will accelerate ageing. There are no concerns about using the battery in high temperatures, we recommend that you take the battery out of the sun and store it in a cool place after use. Your battery must be returned to a Torqeedo Service Centre for service 8 years after the date of manufacture.
Heat – don’t batteries suffer damage at high temperatures?
No, because we’ve integrated a temperature protection mode. Motor power is automatically reduced before the battery gets too hot until the temperature returns to a level where there is no risk of damage to the battery. This function is represented in the display with a thermometer.
What capacity does the integrated battery provide?
The Travel 503 battery has a capacity of 320 Wh, which means 11 Ah at 29.6 V. For the Travel 1003 this is an impressive 520 Wh, or 18 Ah at 29.6 V.
How safe is the Travel?
With its emergency kill switch – very safe. The motor only runs when the emergency magnetic stop key is placed in the prescribed position on the remote throttle or tiller. The magnetic pin should always be attached to your wrist or to your life jacket. If you should fall overboard, the magnetic key will go with you and the motor will stop immediately. This prevents the risk of injury from the propeller under water.
What is the warranty?
There is a two-year warranty on the Travel from the date of purchase.


Code Product Retail Price
(inc. GST)
1140-00 Travel 503 S $2,530
1141-00 Travel 503 L $2,640
1147-00 Spare Battery Travel 530WH $1,023
1148-00 Spare Battery Travel 915WH $1,430